Fee Structure

S.No. Particulars Fee structure for 2018
A.1 Admission Fee Charged by PTU 2,000/- (One Time)
A.2 Tuition Fee
Indian Resident

52,000/- Per Sem

A.3 Library Fee 5,000/- per annum
A.4 Insurance 1,250/- per annum
A.5 Ex-Curricular Activities 2,500/- per annum
A.6 Student related fee charged by PTU 1,150/- per annum for new admission
A.7 College Development and Mainataince 1,000/- per annum
A.8 Institute Security 4,000/-(One Time) fully refundable
  Total Institute Fee
(A.1 to A.8)
B.1 Hostel Security 4,000/-(One Time) Fully refundable
B.2 Hostel Fee 12,500/- per sem
B.3 Electricity 3,000/- per sem
  Total Hostel Fee
(B.1 to B.3)
C Bus Fee
From Mohali
From Chandigarh

3,500/- per sem
5,000/- per sem

D Rate of Prospectus 500/- by hand
600/- per post

E Entrance Fee

General Category

For Online Applicants:


For Manual Forms:

General: 1,200/-
SC/ST/PHC: 300/-

  • NIIFT reserve the right to revise the fee as and when required.
  • Fee refund as per the university norms.
  1. In case a student surrenders his / her seat within 7 days of the end of his/her counseling, he / she must submit application to the college and a copy to The Registrar, IKGPTU, University and University shall only forward such cases to NIIFT and NIIFT will refund his / her full fee after deduction of Rs. 1000/- and admission processing fee of RS.2000/-.
  2. NIIFT shall in maintain a waiting list of students /candidates keeping with the direction of Ministry of Human Resource Development Department Govt of India. In the event of a student/ candidate withdrawing before the starting of the course, the wait listed candidates should be given admissions against the vacant seat. The entire fees collected from the student, after a deduction of the processing fee of not more than Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) and deduction of admission processing fee of Rs.2000/- shall be refunded and returned by the NIIFT to the candidate withdrawing from the programme if the seat vacated by him is filled by new admission. It would not be permissible for NIIFT to retain the school/institutes leaving certificates in original.
  3. In the event a student leaves after joining the course and if the seat consequently falling vacant gets filled by another new admission by the last date of admission, NIIFT should return the fees collected with proportionate deductions of monthly fee and proportionate hostel rent, wherever applicable.